Integrated robotic material handling technology to enhance warehouse operations.
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Pairing product to pallets with advanced sensing and unrivaled autonomy.

Daifuku-Wynright designs and implements autonomous mobile robot solutions for a variety of distribution and manufacturing applications. Robotics enable operations to meet increased capacity demands with unparalleled speed. From robotic palletizing to precise, high-speed robotic picking applications, we engineer each solution to meet your specific needs.



The Robotic Truck Loading (RTL) and Robotic Truck Unloading (RTU) systems are self-guided, autonomous mobile robot systems that utilize advanced 3D vision sensing to load a diverse range of product types such as uniquely shaped boxes, bales, and even tires. These systems are designed to deliver continuous flow and cost savings when loading and unloading cartons directly on the floor of a container or truck. The RTU and RTL are supported by options to service multiple doors, track case specifications, print labels, and scan barcodes.
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