Web-Based Warehouse Intelligence

Wynright’s full-featured web-based HMI empowers your people with access to critical data. With the proper security credentials and web service, your team has on-the-go access to key reports, alerts and statistics from anywhere in the world.

Our product uses an intuitive dashboard technology that’s easily configurable for each user. As part of the integrated Autoexec Suite®, our web-based HMI can be customized to include any information about your warehouse control system. Whether you are looking for help with resource planning or a way to identify a potential system bottleneck, Wynright has the answer.


  • Completely web-based HMI
  • Compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Intuitive and configurable dashboard
  • Access to reports and statistics
  • Alerts and diagnostic tools
  • Secure user-level access


  • Accessible from anywhere for immediate problem-solving access
  • Access multiple facilities with same interface
  • Reduced down time
  • Improved mean response time
Wynright Computer