CAPS Put-to-Light

Providing outstanding picking efficiencies in a variety of warehouse, DC and manufacturing applications, the CAPS put-to-light system delivers high efficiency SKU sortation or consolidation of orders. These versatile systems are easily configured to allow a SKU to be distributed to multiple stores, departments or orders. Multiple components of an order can be consolidated at shipping or packing. After a brief training period, usually less than half an hour, order picker productivity improves substantially.

Product is routed to a put-to-light zone by SKU. Lighted display modules are mounted on the face of the workstation to associate each put location with a display module. The picker scans the SKU of the product to be distributed, and  a put indicator directs the picker to each target put location, along with the number of units required. Actions are reported in real-time to the system. The picker can indicate if an item was picked complete or incomplete and mark any backorder quantities. No put list is needed, so the picker's hands are free — thus speeding up the whole process.

Put to Light


  • Configurable zone-control algorithms optimize fast and efficient order packing, consolidation and processing in real time
  • Fully staffed help desk provides round-the-clock tech support
  • Modular snap-in displays save installation time and allow on-the-fly changes



  • Increases productivity gains over 100%
  • Reduces Labor Costs
  • Reduces picking errors over 80%
  • Reduces the number of cartons shipped
  • Virtually eliminates paper in the warehouse

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Put to Light
Put to Light