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VSP Optics Group shortens production time with new Daifuku system

November 15,  2016

VSP Optics Group provides ophthalmic technology, lens products and lab services that aim to strengthen patient experience and promote practice growth. Its portfolio of customized lens products claim to be the fastest growing lens brand in the optical industry, and in the midst of its tremendous growth, the company reached out to Wynright’s engineering and software controls team to turn its manufacturing objectives into reality.

The Challenge

Online and mega optical labs promise rapid delivery, driving a new standard in the mature and active market. This is causing optical laboratory businesses, such as VSP Optics Group, to rethink the processes they use to manufacture eyewear.

Although the lab could immediately receive a lens prescription electronically, it typically wouldn’t receive frames from an optometrist’s office for 24-48 hours. Rather than wait, VSP concluded it could compress the process by starting on the lenses as soon as it received the order, resulting in a 1-2 day jump on the process. However, there was still one key problem — storing the surfaced lenses until they could be matched with the right frame when it arrives.

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