Design/Build Services

Investing in a new facility — or expanding an existing facility — is a significant commitment of capital and resources. Our design services team will listen carefully to fully understand your needs, requirements and expectations.

Our actions speak louder than words

Our goal is to improve your supply chain and operations by helping you design a highly efficient distribution solution. We educate you about the various types of available automation and show you how cutting-edge technology can help you meet your supply chain, operational and financial goals. 

Our warehouse and distribution center design services include:

  • Master planning
  • Facility design and engineering
  • Operational performance improvement
  • Plan-Design-Build

Our unique Plan-Design-Build methodology has been successfully used to deliver projects faster, more cost effectively and with lower risk.

This approach allows us to maintain close interaction between planning, engineering and the implementation team. Our engineers can work concurrently, putting work orders into production faster and shortening the overall procurement cycle. Value engineering is performed in real-time with those responsible for execution, without compromising solution independence. In short, total team consensus can be achieved significantly faster.


Wynright is committed to the innovative and cost-effective application of technology. Whether your goal is to validate a proposed system or to gain insight into the impact various conditions may have on operational issues, our simulation service can save you a lot of money down the road.

We count your chickens before they hatch

We use simulation programs for everything from determining fluctuating staffing requirements to verifying system designs before they’re built. We then leverage our findings, making adjustments in the design phase instead of after the system has been installed.

Some of the many benefits of simulation include:

  • Reduced design and development time
  • Reduced risk of operation bottlenecks
  • Enhanced confidence in material handling design
  • Reduced risk of costly design mistakes
  • Enhanced capital equipment investment analysis