Controls Engineering

A well-designed control system is critical to the success of every turnkey material handling project. Our team comprises the best and the brightest engineers in the industry. Wynright’s goal is to ensure the highest level of quality in our products, service and support.

We’re way ahead of the pack

Working side by side with our software engineering team, Wynright’s electrical engineers developed the industry-leading Autoexec Suite® of PLC and PC warehouse control system solutions. This comprehensive array of fully integrated and modular solutions allows us to tailor a seamlessly integrated solution — based on your specific needs, not something generic.

Our solutions feature both PLC motor controls and PC upper level controls. This approach lets our engineers create scalable and highly reliable solutions.

We put ourselves in your shoes

We take pride in understanding your control system, but we also learn all about your business model and operation. We’re with you through the entire life cycle, from concept and design to implementation and post-project support. The same engineers who guide you through your project will still be there to support you down the road.

Wynright’s controls engineering team specializes in:

  • All major PLC platforms including Allen-Bradley Logix™ products
  • Control system and panel design
  • High speed induction and sortation
  • Energy conservation
  • Carton identification systems
  • System commissioning