Asset Modernization

Wynright’s Client Asset Modernization program was created to improve the performance and productivity of aging material handling systems when budget constraints prevent a complete system upgrade. Systems designed as little as ten years ago can have difficulty staying ahead of re-shoring and omni-channel fulfillment trends. Wynright can help you identify alternative technologies and processes, which extend the useful lives of existing systems.

We eliminate communication break down

Wynright’s Wynsoft™ Supply Chain Execution Solution software is a key component of the Asset Modernization initiative. Wynsoft™ aligns business intelligence, WMS (Warehouse Management System), WCS (Warehouse Control System) and machine controls across a single platform. Over time, a variety of stand-alone system components, enterprise resources and other operational tools from multiple vendors is added to a material handling system. These disparate systems can communicate at a basic level but are unable to truly share, analyze, and report information in real time. Using Wynsoft™, we can upgrade these systems so each of the components can communicate and share information across a common dashboard – regardless of who initially provided each component.

If you’re ready to take a proactive approach, and look for ways to maximize performance and mitigate risk factors, let Wynright show you how we can capture and analyze data, system-wide, to give you the power to make timely, informed business decisions.

System components that typically require retrofit/upgrades include:

  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
    • Upgrade Drives & Control Systems
  • Robotic systems
    • Upgrade Controls, Programming & End of Arm Tooling
  • Sorters
    • Upgrade Chain, Switches, Tubes, & Tracks
  • Controls
    • Upgrade PLC’s, I/O Cards, VFD’s, Servos, and Other Devices
  • Software
    • Upgrade WCS Software to Wynsoft™
  • IT Architecture
    • Replace Unsupported Platforms
    • Improve Processor Capacity
    • Update Security
    • Database Migration
Wynright Asset Modernization