Operations Improvement

X marks the spot.

Metrics help drive higher performance levels by focusing on the right work methods, performance objectives, reporting tools, and timely feedback and coaching. We use a data-specific approach to understand the flow of product through your operation and identify the inhibitors that affect performance.

We investigate: Bottlenecks in material flow? Using best practices and methods? Processes appropriate to objectives? Employees productive and measured?

We provide services and solutions:

  • Labor and performance management
  • Operations process design and improvement
  • Best practices/benchmarking
  • Engineered standards
  • Capacity organization

Supply Chain Planning

We’re all in this together.

An effective supply chain can increase shareholder value and also be a competitive differentiator. High-performance supply chains require the correct balance between cost and service. Our unique cross-functional solutions, experience and expertise will help you achieve that balance and cost structure.

We investigate: Distribution costs too high? Inventory not working hard enough? Service level problems? Facilities located or sized properly? Capabilities aligned with business strategy? Sufficient flexibility to adapt to change?

We provide services and solutions:

  • Logistics network modeling
  • Long range facility planning
  • Operations consolidation
  • Flow channel modeling
  • DC site selection
  • Inventory optimization
  • 3PL evaluation
  • Product sourcing

Facility Planning and Design

We don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Do your facilities support your business/product strategies? A facility design is more than just production and material handling equipment drawn on a piece of paper. It requires a cross-functional, process-oriented approach. We take a hard look at your business and product strategy, assessing requirements and the need for flexibility.

We investigate: Problems handling peak volumes? Labor cost per unit excessive? Product mix changing?

We provide services and solutions:

  • Facility design
  • Capacity evaluation/planning
  • Redesign/retrofit
  • Manufacturing layout
  • Material handling design
  • Equipment/vendor selection
  • Integration and implementation

Logistical Information Systems

We’re not the new kid on the block.

Technology sounds like a quick fix, but it isn’t. It requires effective planning and implementation. Our first step is to assess your operation and determine if the current processes are compatible with new technology. We have the experience and expertise to assess your operation, develop the right plans and follow through with a disciplined implementation.

We investigate: Enough visibility? Cycle times short enough? Accuracy too low?

We provide services and solutions:

  • WMS, TMS and LMS selection/implementation
  • Vendor compliance software
  • Custom targeted applications
  • Systems/process integration

Transportation Management

We’re all in the same boat.

Transportation costs represent a significant portion of total logistics costs, and yet are often excused as just the price of doing business. We take a hard look at every opportunity to reduce transportation costs while meeting or exceeding the need for customer service.

We investigate: Do others control your transportation choices? Cost per CWT too high? Service level problems? Strategies reconciled to changing environment?

We provide services and solutions:

  • Carrier selection/negotiation
  • Inbound consolidation
  • Back-haul coordination
  • Prepaid to collect conversion
  • Shipment and load planning
  • Small parcel recovery