Carousels are an affordable way to increase accuracy and productivity. In fact, a horizontal carousel usually costs no more than a well-equipped forklift truck.


Turn Inventory Faster

Horizontal and vertical carousels are simple, parts-to-picker systems. They keep inventory moving and ready for sudden demand. One picker using two stock-locator driven horizontal carousels can easily pick up to 120 line items per hour. Vertical carousels with pick indicator lights guide the picker to the exact SKU, increasing accuracy and throughput even further.


Handle a Variety of Products

Carousels can stage and speed the fulfillment of orders for finished product or bring parts to point of use for assembly, whether the loads are large units or hundreds of small components. Each pod presents multiple part numbers to the operator.



  • Replenishment stock can be called up automatically on the newest horizontal carousel systems, making pick line stock-outs a thing of the past
  • Newest horizontal carousel systems can be equipped with mechanical extractors to allow completely automated full-case picking



  • High level of throughput at a very affordable price
  • No unplanned downtime with regular maintenance
  • Inventory remains accessible even in a power outage since most carousels are equipped to be moved mechanically
  • Appropriate control software creates efficient routings so no time is spent waiting for parts to arrive at the pick-point
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