AS-20 Sliding Shoe Sorter

Wynright’s AutoSort 20 Sliding Shoe Sortation conveyor is a high speed, positive divert sorter designed to accurately track and gently sort all types of carton sizes and configurations at designated points along the transportation line with a highly reliable sort rate. A wide range of packaged goods and materials — in virtually any mix — are easily and conveniently transported to their assigned zones at high sortation speeds. Wynright's modularly designed Sliding Shoe Sorter conveyors represent the ultimate in sortation systems that depend on both tracking and sorting within the system.


  • Single side sort rate up to 250+ CPM
  • Double side sort rate up to 150 CPM
  • Speed up to 600 FPM
  • Maintains product orientation
  • Heavy duty #100 pitch roller chain used in load carrying cross tube assemblies
  • Pushers operate from inside the extruded carrying surface
  • Serviced through the top of the carrying surface
  • All working load components use precision bearing wheels
  • Single side or dual side diverts have directly opposing divert lanes
  • Numerous built-in safety features
  • Electric divert switch
  • Infinite adjustable positioning of divert gates
  • Energy absorbing elastomer cushions on all divert shoes
  • Pop-off/Snap-On Jam resistant divert shoes
  • Integral belt conveyor infeed unit provides consistently smooth transition of product
  • Sliding shoe and carrying slat interlocking design facilitates smooth diverts


  • Produces high throughput
  • Is ideally suited for heavy duty applications
  • Promotes smooth operation even if carrying surface becomes tacky from product spills
  • Allows easy, unobstructed access for routine maintenance
  • Reduces drive train load pull requirements and chain stretch
  • Allows divert configuration to be adapted to warehouse layout requirements
  • Requires only periodic lubrication, reducing operating costs