MB30 Sorter and MB90 Sorter

With fast conveyor speeds and design features that produce high sort rates, Wynright’s multi-belt sorters MB30 and MB90 meet demanding sortation requirements for speed and accuracy. Instead of one wide belt, these sorters efficiently transport product over the surface of multiple smaller belts. Each of these belts has an individual take-up, creating proper tensioning across all the belts.


  • MB30 sorts more than 100 cartons per minute at a conveyor speed of 350 ft/min., and the MB90 can sort more than 60 cartons per minute at a speed of 300 ft/min.
  • Roll-formed belt tracks use ABEC-1 precision bearings to create a unique rolling design unlike other sliding designs common in similar sortation technology
  • MB30 features five rows of divert wheels
  • Option to power divert wheels and rollers with Wynright’s AutoRoll+™ MDR technology, so they only run when required to divert product
  • High friction surface of rollers and divert wheels provide positive contact
  • Unique wheeled tracks allow for longer sorters and more diverts per drive


  • Reduces belt pull, increases overall belt life, provides quieter operation and reduces required horsepower by using rolling design
  • Reduces noise, wear and energy consumption through use of MDR-powered diverts