Voice-Directed Picking

Vocollect’s Voice Warehouse Solution brings you the industry's leading end-to-end voice solution. Specifically designed to excel in challenging industrial-warehouse environments, it is precisely tailored to your specific distribution center needs.

As a certified Vocollect Solutions Partner, Wynright is helping customers achieve a higher level of business performance through voice.  This option helps transform your existing warehouse processes and systems by offering re-engineering opportunities to deliver the next generation of business results without putting your day-to-day operations at risk.  Vocollect Voice integrates easily to fully leverage your existing operation, including your WMS / ERP systems and other IT infrastructure.


  • Supports numerous worker configurations
  • Includes speech-recognition technology
  • VoiceConsole provides device management, operator management, configuration management, and system diagnostics, all through an intuitive browser-based view
  • Vocollect flagship A500 Mobile Computing Appliance leverages VoiceCatalyst voice software with VoiceApplications to rapidly enable voice adoption across a multitude of platforms


  • Ideal for enabling voice in a multitude of critical warehouse workflows
  • Improves safety for employees working near conveyor
  • Excels in even the stressful freezer and high-moisture environments
  • Easy to provide team members information they need, when they need it