V-Belt Conveyor

V-Belt conveyor line contains unique, modular components that fulfill a host of system requirements. Typical uses include directional changes, merging, diverting, product alignment and offset connections.


  • True taper rollers
  • Durable urethane sleeves quietly move product through curves while maintaining orientation
  • Automatic drive pressure
  • Large-diameter terminal end sheaves
  • Belt path that eliminates back bending of belt
  • Tight radius configurations available
  • Drive, slave and terminal modules are factory-installed on VB conveyors, speeding installation and improving overall system quality


  • Maintains proper orientation of cartons and totes through curves
  • Light weight tapered rollers reduce HP requirements and ease installation
  • Lowers belt operating temperature
  • Increases usable horsepower
  • Reduces bending stress on belt, resulting in longer belt life