AutoRoll+™ MDR Conveyor

AutoRoll+™ (AR+) Motorized Roller conveyor features run-on-demand zones. Since it only runs when required to advance product, energy consumption and overall noise are reduced and the functional life of the conveyor is extended. It is quiet, safe, requires little-to-no maintenance, and offers high-speed and non-contact zero pressure accumulation.

AutoRoll+™ utilizes networking technology via an Ethernet connection.  Using Ethernet connections offers several advantages, including simplified installation, greater flexibility with respect to conveyor controls,  enhanced diagnostics, and remote visibility of the overall system.

Level conveyor, inclines, declines, curves and sweeps can all accumulate product without bumping, getting side-by-side, skewing or jamming. Intermixed products, such as totes, slave pallets and cartons can be handled simultaneously, even with extreme weight differences between products.

AutoRoll+ has an extremely quiet OSHA-approved sound level. Because AutoRoll+ is run-on-demand, no sound is generated when zones are in accumulation mode, or when no product is present.


  • Run-on-demand technology turns conveyor off when not in use
  • 24V DC brushless motor encased in roller eliminates sprockets and gears
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Conductive urethane insert isolates carrying roller to reduce noise and wear


  • Consumes 30% less energy on average over 460 Volt 3 phase system
  • Improves safety for employees working near conveyor
  • Reduces noise levels
  • Ethernet connection provides greater flexibility and system control options
  • Insight and visiblity into the "health" of each MDR prevents unscheduled downtime
  • Reduces need for maintenance