Wynsight™ Supply Chain Execution Solution

Wynsight™, is the dashboard portion of Wynsoft™ Supply Chain Execution Solution software. Similar to the Wynsoft Visibility module, which captures data from operations being controlled by other Wynsoft™ modules, Wynsight™ captures data from devices and processes regardless of who installed it. The Wynsight™ module interrogates multiple disparate data sources and turns that data into actionable information to streamline operations around order fulfillment, replenishment, inventory, transportation, purchasing and other aspects of the organization.


Armed with a library of quick to implement pre-built instruments and alerts, the user is provided functions that focus on delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, giving a true forward-looking view of operations. Whether dealing with procurement, warehouse management, transportation, finance, human resources or labor, Wynsight™ has a dashboard that will provide proactive information to improve operations management.


Wynsight™ works in tandem with any system already in place. Wynsight™ can use any data output from any management system making it truly system agnostic.


Wynsight™ is also completely configurable by the end user. Using the included pre-built instruments and alerts, users can create their own metrics to focus on where they think they will benefit the most.


By integrating Wynsoft™ business intelligence solutions with everyday transactional technology systems, our clients are able to sort through piles of generated data to get a clear picture of the issues requiring attention on a real-time basis.


Real World Results - Improve Your Service Level


Broadcast Display™

Broadcast Display™ is a system wide dashboard tool that allows for the same metric displayed across multiple devices. Working in conjunction with Wynsight™, or other Wynsoft™ products, Broadcast Display™ uses the same dashboarding system that you're already familiar with, and expands its uses even further. Useful to any organization where multiple people, or the entire operation, need access to the same information, Broadcast Display™ helps sync individual employees, departments, or managers with one another. 

Real World Results - Improve Warehouse Efficiency


Data Vault™

Data Vault™ business intelligence data warehouse solution, stores information from operational databases and uniquely prepares it for use by Wynsight™, any Wynsoft™ products, or other BI tools. Data Vault’s™ ability to organize information into focused, informative data marts helps to support fast access and meaningful metrics.


While most management systems only hold information for a short duration, Data Vault™ stores data indefinitely, facilitating the creation of long term actionable metrics and data points. Data Vault™ gives you the power to track and manage long term growth and efficiency.

Real World Results - Increase your long term data storage capabilities

Wynsight™ Supply Chain Execution Solution