Structural Solutions



Choose the most cost-effective way to expand your warehouse space and increase productivity: by transforming unused overhead space for manufacturing, office, storage or security. We design and manufacture to your exact specifications.

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Stairs and stair towers

Our industry-leading structural steel stringers with bolt-in diamond plate treads provide a solid, safe and durable staircase built to an exact fit. Our code-compliant staircases feature a rise-to-run ratio that is consistent, comfortable and safe.

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Customized to meet your specifications and local code, our ladders are available with or without cages, with flared or non-flared tops.

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Hand rails

We offer many types of hand rails that can be customized to fit your application and local code requirements, including two line, three line, picket styles and floor or beam mounted.

Conveyor Pick Mod Support Struct

Conveyor and pick module support structures

Wynright provides custom conveyor support structures to carry sorter and transportation conveyors over docks, machinery, aisles and other obstacles. Structures are designed for local seismic conditions and compliance with building code requirements. Columns are placed to avoid building obstructions, maintain traffic aisles and minimize intrusion into the usable space below the structure. We can also add catwalks for maintenance access.


Conveyor crossovers

Conveyor crossovers provide access to floor areas obstructed by conveyors. They can be provided with IBC-compliant staircases for egress routes, or steeper OSHA-compliant stairs, ship’s ladders or rung ladders for maintenance-only access. Crossovers are custom designed to cross single or multiple conveyor lines as needed, and are high enough to clear conveyors and product. Intermediate stairs or ladders can provide user access to aisles between multiple conveyor lines, if needed. Choose from bar grating or diamond plate decking, or composite wood flooring over corrugated steel deck.

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Catwalks are relatively narrow elevated walkways used to access elevated conveyor lines for clearing product jams or maintaining conveyors. They can also be used for access to elevated industrial machinery or other devices not accessible from the building floor. Catwalks can be designed and built as standalone structures adjacent to conveyor or machinery, or integrated into new or existing support structures.

Decking consists of bar gratings, plank gratings or composite wood flooring over corrugated steel deck. IBC- and OSHA-compliant guard railings and toe plate provide fall protection for catwalk users.

Standard safety products

  • End of aisles – Protect your rack and inventory. Three standard designs meet most requirements, or we can custom design to meet your specificifications.
  • Guardrail – Safety guardrail is a practical solution to protect inventory, in-plant offices and personnel. Wynright’s guardrail is available in a variety of stock lengths, single or double rail heights. Lift-out rails and offset base plate are also available.
  • Guide angle – Protect expensive racks or add additional protection to guardrail sections by installing guide angles, which can be manufactured in various sizes.
  • Bollards – Constructed of heavy-duty structural pipe, bollards offer the one-on-one protection you need for racks, building columns, dock doors and other existing structures.
  • Post protectors – Protect your rack and shelving investment by installing post protectors, available in a variety of heights and custom base plates to fit your application.
Equipment Platform

Equipment platforms

Platforms free up space by supporting processing equipment, air conditioning units and generators. Wynright’s are designed to meet local codes and available with stamped drawing and calculations, if needed. Our bolt-together design ships knocked down for ease of installation and relocatability at a later time.

Specialty carts. Designed based on your industrial or commercial application requirements, and spanning various applications — from moving heavy marble to light storage.

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