Sortation Transfer Vehicles (STV)

Daifuku's automated rail-guided vehicle system SORTING TRANSFER VEHICLE is a pallet sorting system designed to provide high-throughput material handling in conjunction with Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS).

A single or multiple STVs connect stacker crane aisles and in/out stations to efficiently store and deliver pallets. STV systems can work with AS/RS as pallet sorters and sequencers in shipping preparation areas, or as a standalone system.


Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV)


Fast, high throughput

  • STVs glide smoothly and quietly at speeds up to 200 m/min, with load transfer speeds of 30 m/min. Each vehicle speed is adjusted according to position, space availability, and load presence (loaded/empty). Vehicles are assigned to stations to maximize efficiency, avoiding unnecessary movement and energy consumption.


  • Straight or L-shaped layouts are available for single-shuttle systems. Straight and continuous loop layouts are available for multi-shuttle systems. Standard components can be easily configured to meet a variety of building layout, space and performance requirements.
  • STV systems are designed to expand along with your business. As operating volume increases, simply add more STVs to the system to increase capacity. STV layouts can also be expanded using the existing power supply, connecting new components to the existing track and input/output stations as needed.


  • STVs sort loads to different stations without complex conveyor intersections that are likely to cause errors or damage to pallets. This is in part because the STV is travelling while the pallet remains stationary on top of it.
  • STV maintenance work can be done while the system is running unless it is a single-shuttle system.

Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STV)

Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STV)