Small Parts Transfer

The AutoRoll+™ Small Parts Transfer can be configured for various applications including transfers, pick and pass operations, sorting systems, reject handling, and alignment. The module drops into our standard CSC side frame, seamlessly converting it into a divert bed that can be installed anywhere in a new or existing system. It does not require air and it runs on 24VDC power.

The carrying belt transports product through the zone. When the divert belt is activated, it can divert packages left or right. Both belts are driven by energy efficient MDR run on demand technology.

1” sphere centers transfer a wide array of products. The SPT is ideal for handling polybags and smaller packages (100 x 100 mm) with minimal gaps between products.

Energy efficient, quiet, and low maintenance, it provides zero contact, zero pressure accumulation and conforms to our standard zone lengths.


  • Sort Up to 35 cartons per minute dependent upon carton size and weight and system design.
  • Sort product up to 50 lbs. Package sizes up to 30” x 30”.
  • Right Hand, Left Hand, and Bi-Directional sort capabilities
  • Utilizes run on demand motor driven roller technology


  • Can be easily integrated into existing roller conveyor systems
  • Ability to transfer a wide array of products
  • Ideal for handling polybags and small packages