AS-30 High Speed Sliding Shoe Sorter

The AS-30 is ideally suited for heavy duty applications. A wide range of packaged product, in virtually any mix are quickly and easily transported to their assigned divert stations. Product to be sorted is gently diverted by pushers designed with energy absorbing elastomer cushions for greater control and gentler handling. The pushers operate from inside the carrying tube extrusion, allowing for free, un-obstructed operation even when the carrying surface becomes contaminated. The AS-30 divert stations can be infinitely adjusted for precise positioning. Precision bearing wheels on all load components greatly reduce drive train load pull requirements and chain stretch.


  • Slide on the inside pusher
  • O-ring sealed chain to increase chain life and reduce chain oil mess
  • Pop-off / Snap-on shoes
  • Pneumatic divert switch and a magnetic divert switch with no moving parts
  • 30°, 20° and 17° divert track angles to control the carton for optimum diverting
  • See-through plexiglass side panels for viewing the inside of the sorter without dismantling
  • Interior debris trays to keep outside dust, dirt, and debris from getting inside the machine
  • Sound insulated bottom covers are standard in the tail section and drive section
  • Personnel guards on walk-aisle side of sorter to keep people away from moving parts
  • Optional braking motor to quickly stop the machine
  • Optional ID control system that reduces the required carton gap and increases sorter throughput
  • Optional bottom covers for the intermediate bed sections


  • Produces high throughput
  • Is ideally suited for heavy duty applications
  • Promotes smooth operation even if carrying surface becomes tacky from product spills
  • Allows easy, unobstructed access for routine maintenance
  • Reduces drive train load pull requirements and chain stretch
  • Allows divert configuration to be adapted to warehouse layout requirements
  • Requires only periodic lubrication, reducing operating costs
AS30: Sliding Shoe Sorter