Truck / Container Loading and Unloading

In distribution systems, floor loading of over-the-road trailers and shipping containers is common. Wynright has developed robotic technology to automatically load and unload cases as well as other products.

  • Palletized AGV trailer loading – Wynright provides an automated solution for loading trailers with palletized product. We have integrated guided vehicles, capable of safely and automatically loading common over-the-road trailers for several of our clients.
  • Robotic truck loading – Wynright provides solutions for dead stacking directly onto the floor of a truck or container. We have developed a patented truck loading system capable of safely and economically fluid loading product directly into trailers.
  • Robotic truck unloading – With 3-D vision to locate product inside the truck or container, Wynright’s truck-loading application can be adapted to unload cargo containers and trailers.