Wynright offers a complete line of high-performance robotic and non-robotic automated palletizing solutions. Wynright can also work with you to provide carefully thought out designs for custom solutions to automate the arrangement of cases onto a pallet, slave board or slip sheet.

  • Layer palletizing – High-speed palletizer.
  • Robotic palletizing – A stationary palletizing robot with up to four input and output lanes with pallets coming into the cell from the side or through the output lanes.
  • Linear palletizing – A smaller robot on a servo-driven transfer that moves along a series of case input and pallet output lanes. The output lanes can also be used to input pallet boards or slip sheets.
  • De-palletizing – A robotic system that moves cases from a pallet to an output conveyor that feeds a mini-load. Our unique system can use 3-D vision to de-palletize without knowing the specific incoming SKUs.
  • Mixed case palletizing – Builds pallets with different products and case sizes.