Unit Load Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Efficient, Compact Design

The unique design and reliable engineering means lighter equipment can perform heavy-duty jobs. Translation: less expense to install, operate, and maintain than other systems. In addition, the reduced equipment clearance requirements let you store more material in less space.


Faster, Smoother, and Quieter

AS/RS systems store and retrieve product with speed and accuracy.  Unit-Load AS/RS systems improve picking accuracy.  The elimination of lift trucks reduces noise levels and contributes to an all around safer work environment.


Aisle-bound and multi-aisle systems

AS/RS systems cam be provided as aisle-bound units with one crane per aisle or with cranes that traverse multiple aisles.



Intuitive Controls

Wynright’s Autoexec Suite® provides a comprehensive controls package for crane management, inventory controls, and visualization for your AS/RS systems. We design a network architecture and implement a solution to control the flow of product into and out of the AS/RS storage locations. In addition, our controls offering manages:

  • Fully integrated interfaces to WMS and AS/RS sub-system
  • Intuitive inventory management of all loads in the storage system
  • Algorithms for the routing of product loads into and out of locations within the AS/RS system
  • Seamless routing of product loads on surrounding conveyor systems
  • Interface to WMS



  • Five horizontal and four vertical speed options
  • Proven, standard designs
  • Faster, simpler installations
  • Smooth, quiet operations



  • Offers many options to allow easy customization, coupled with Wynright’s Autoexec Suite® for a comprehensive controls package
  • Operates at a low noise level
  • Performs heavy-duty jobs with lighter equipment
  • Provides high reliability
ASRS Unit Load