CAPS Mobile Cart

CAPS Mobile Cart uses technology to create a rolling pick or put line, ideal for split-case or slow-moving SKUs typically stored on shelving. Easily integrated with any existing warehouse management system, this low-cost-of-entry mobile system facilitates growth and reconfiguration for seasonal spikes and changes in demand. Efficient path-control algorithms allow fast and efficient real-time order selection or consolidation.

Mobile Cart


  • Industry standard Wi-Fi Communications
  • Carts have on-board intelligence and can operate autonomously if they stray outside wireless coverage
  • Available Bluetooth communications with scanners and other peripherals



  • Improves picker accountability
  • Significantly increases pick/put rates
  • Cuts errors from 70-90%
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Allows batch picking of multiple orders (only limited by space on cart)

Product Sales Sheet

Mobile Cart
Mobile Cart
6 Cart Picking
6 Cart Picking