HYBRID Picking

The Hybrid System is a next-generation, multi-modal intralogistics system that combines the simplicity of light-directed picking systems with the step-by-step guidance of voice-directed systems.  The HYBRID system can be retro-fitted to your existing light or voice system.


HYBRID in action

The Hybrid System was designed to maximize the speed of information delivery to each user interacting with it.  Furthermore, the Hybrid System maximizes the quality of the work accomplished and the quality of the picking data relayed back to the warehouse management system (WMS).

Pick quality is maintained by the lights system.  Put quality is maintained by a carton scan following each spoken put command performed by a user.



  • Light display provides immediate clarity as to location and quantity to be picked.
  • Step-by-step method of voice communication allows for the concise delivery of complicated, multi-step procedures to a user



  • Search less and pick faster
  • Removes memorization from the picking equation.
  • The lights system displays aggregate pick quantities that span multiple cartons.  This is only possible due to real-time voice-directed put instructions.
  • Reduced foot traffic by order pickers provides increased pick density
  • Maintains greater inventory accuracy
  • Study reveals a 17% increase in productivity with a 21% reduction in errors.

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