Parcel Conveyor (HDW)

Designed to meet rigorous FedEx specifications, Wynright's Heavy Duty Welded (HDW) parcel conveyor is rugged and dependable. Combining welded construction with components that utilize bolted assemblies such as our formed 7 ga. drive unit housings allow efficient, lower cost manufactur­ing, provides high precision, and enable them to be self-squaring.

Our HDW drives can be modified in field for LH/RH and CD/ED, and our side guards are ‘low-profile’ with no protruding handles. For safety, we have also incorporated an adjustable ‘sickle’ style pinch point guard for end idlers that cover ends (pulley-to-bed) and edges (pulley crown-to-side frame) For easy maintenance, our end idler pulleys are removable from the bottom and drive pulleys are removable from the side.

  • Complies with FedEx specifications
  • Available in 37", 43", 49", and 61.5"" nominal widths
  • Choose from 6" or 8" dead shaft end idler
  • Includes 10" or 24" solid side guard