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Improving Inventory Management in 2015 - and Beyond

By: Lisa Wilson

March 4, 2015

With a new year comes a renewed focus on inventory and how to manage it. All systems and aspects of the supply chain must match up with customer demands in the ever-present and evolving omnichannel environment. After all, customers can order goods from anywhere on any smart device, and their expectations are that they will pick up their goods, or have their merchandise delivered to any place – on their terms. People want quick results – or else they will find another outlet from which to shop.

For warehouse and distribution facilities, no serious conversation on the subject of inventory management can be broached without talking about improving storage capabilities and the necessary products to achieve business goals – be they racking, shelving, ASRS systems, or even carousels. Service levels and lead times are just a few of the important metrics impacted by those supply chain and inventory-management decisions, so it behooves management to take a very serious look at how decisions like purchasing storage, laying it out, and deciding whether or not to automate it, will impact those metrics.

The process of purchasing storage products can be a daunting task. While purchasing and warehouse officials may confer about the issues surrounding storage, the conversation must not stop there.

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