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An Efficient Warehouse Starts from the Top

By Bob Lieve - Wynright

April 14,  2015

The idea of a "bottom up" approach in a warehouse leading to higher productivity is long gone. For years, this practice was the only approach managers would use to drive more efficient operations. But more recently, the perspective has changed: If managers truly want leaner processes, they must be at the center of an efficient warehouse strategy.

Managers must be advocates for their warehouses. They're the ones charged with forming a longterm strategic vision that involves both smart automation and intelligent warehouse organization. Teams change, after all, and without strong leadership from the top, effective strategies fade away.

But a resilient leader with a fullspectrum view of the supply chain, a clear goal of greater efficiency and a clear vision for how to achieve it will help improve the warehouse's performance year after year, continually streamlining operations.

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