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Why Deep Discounts on Warehouse Equipment Can Cost Far More in the Long Run

By Don DeSimone - Wynright Warehouse Equipment Store

April 15,  2015

Seventy-six percent of 2014 Supply Chain Resilience survey respondents disclosed they experienced at least one instance of supply chain disruption the previous year, with unplanned IT and telecommunications outages being the primary source for disruption 52.9 percent of the time. The report also revealed the increased cost of working and losses of revenue due to disruption were more common among respondents than the previous year.

The report underscores the severe negative consequences that can result from supply chain disruption and downtime. And as demonstrated by the Supply Chain Resilience Survey, IT breakdowns – which include equipment failure – are the main culprits of downtime. Further compounding this, downtime ultimately leads to supply chain disruptions.

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