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Protecting Workers and Your Business This Holiday Season

By: Don DeSimone

November 25,  2014

Purveyors of foods and beverages are gearing up for what is expected to be a robust holiday buying season in 2014. Market research firm eMarketer projects a 17 percent increase in overall e-commerce sales. The hiring of temporary seasonal workers is in full force to meet this demand — with UPS hiring some 95,000 workers, Amazon bringing in 80,000 warehouse workers, and FedEX taking on nearly 55,000 people, according to news reports.

During this peak season, safety is sometimes relegated to the back of the pallet in the haste to fulfill orders. But it’s more important than ever to have strategies and equipment in place to protect temporary workers who are less familiar with distribution centers and warehouses than people who spend all their livelihoods in such venues.

It behooves companies to consider ad hoc equipment needs to make their environments productive and safe, and to maintain industry best practices. Complacency to safety issues is a clear and present danger.

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