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E-Commerce Shaping Material Handling in 2015

By: Bob Liebe and Chris Capshaw, Division Presidents at Wynright Corporation

March 4, 2015

Just like a bespoke pair of shoes, the material handling industry is growing ever-more customized.

Customer demands are changing, so the supply chain must adjust accordingly. It's no secret that e-commerce is still booming. Though it's not a new trend, many supply chain managers still have a lot of questions about handling multichannel and omni-channel operations – especially since most see their growth projections as heavy in e-commerce.

For suppliers, that means an emphasis on customization and efficiency within the supply chain. Orders no longer come standardized by the carton – customers want a single item of this and two of that. Retailers also demand more value-added services, and wholesalers acquiesce in order to stay competitive. And customers expect to receive their orders faster than ever.

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