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How Robots Will Tackle Changing F&B Demands

August 14,  2015

By: Elliot Maras

The expansion of goods-to-person picking in food and beverage (f&b) supply chain operations portends a bigger role for automated material handling systems, including more complex systems such as robots. Robots, specifically defined as machines that resemble humans and perform tasks on command, remain rare in f&b facilities in the U.S. But technology solutions continue to evolve, hastening robotic deployments.

Today’s robots are more precise in their movements and are directed by more robust software, allowing them to do more complex tasks. More robots carry sensors and cameras that enable them to automate more processes. The “collaborative” robots that have emerged in recent years can work safely in the same environment as humans, creating even more opportunities to utilize time-saving and safety-enhancing robots. In addition, robots are becoming more affordable.

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