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Elevating Efficiency: Seamless Results With Daifuku-Wynright Conveyors or Custom Conveyors

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Conveyors are very efficient way of moving cartons, totes, pallets, and other containers around your factory, warehouse, or distribution center. Buy or specify the wrong ones, though, and you’ll be dealing with blockages, damaged products, and frustrated employees!

Quality and Reliability

United States-made Daifuku-Wynright conveyors are engineered for reliable performance under intensive usage. By manufacturing in the USA, we have control over the supply chain, so we know every component will be up to the standards we, and our customers, expect. That’s why we can back our conveyors with an industry-leading warranty that should inspire confidence in their durability.

Roller and Belt Conveyors

Roller and belt conveyors each have their pros and cons. Roller conveyors can be powered or rely on gravity (which means only moving packages downhill.) Powered roller conveyors can move your items up and down inclines, horizontally, and can come with separate zones for controlled accumulation and movement.

The AutoRoll+-MDR (motor-driven roller) series is designed for easy integration with factory and warehouse automation systems.

Our belt conveyors are produced in slider and roller-bed styles. A slider belt is one where the belt is pulled over a solid, smooth surface. In a roller-bed design, the belt is stretched over and supported by rollers. The latter type is intended for regular-shaped objects like cartons.

Roller conveyors can generate more noise than belts, although “run-on-demand zones” with our MDR technology minimize this. In general, energy consumption is lower with roller systems, but this depends very much on lengths, inclines, and the loads being transported.

Options and Customization

Our conveyors are produced in a range of width, load-carrying capabilities, and roller size and pitch. We offer many drive and take-up options. If standard products don’t meet your exact needs, we are always happy to develop customized solutions.

If you need advice on the best solutions, we can help. Our experienced material handling professionals can work with you to identify the most cost-effective and efficient conveyor designs for your operation.

Product Overview

We offer five styles of conveyor. These are:

• AutoRoll+ - MDR

• Belt conveyors

• Roller gravity conveyors

• Live roller conveyors

• Vee-belt conveyors

AutoRoll+ - MDR

This motorized roller conveyor features run-on-demand zones for energy saving and noise reduction. It’s available for bidirectional transport and integrates Ethernet control with other automation systems.

The design enables product accumulation without bumping, turning, skewing or jamming. Containers can be intermixed, even when there are large weight differences.

Belt conveyors

Roller designs are intended for transporting a wide variety of container shapes and sizes and can handle both inclines and declines. Slider bed belt conveyors can handle higher loads, (up to 130 lbs/linear foot), than roller designs.

Roller gravity conveyors

An economical solution for light and medium-duty loads. Roller spacing is designed to handle rigid, soft or fragile materials without problems. Applications include moving goods and materials at loading and unloading points in shipping and receiving centers and for station-to-station transport in factories and elsewhere.

Live roller conveyors

Our live roller conveyors are designed for transport and accumulation. Accumulation zones are controlled with photo-eyes and pressure is adjustable with the aid of a cam mechanism that controls the height of the pressure roller.

Our Transportation Air Conveyor provides a positive, non-adjustable driving force to the carrying roller assembly for controlled movement. Controlled by PLC, the conveyor responds to downstream conditions, engaging and disengaging the drive as needed.

Vee-belt conveyors

Taking containers through 30°,45°, 60°, 90°, and 180° turns, these are the solution for your curve, merge, and divert needs. Taper rollers in the arced section of the curve ensure cartons and totes maintain their orientation while negotiating turns smoothly and quietly.

Your Partner for Cost-Effective and Efficient Conveyor designs

As a leader in conveyor design and integration, we understand the requirements of our customers for reliable, trouble-free operation. Our conveyors, assembled in the USA, are built from quality components and carry an industry-leading warranty. Please contact us to discuss your material conveying needs.

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