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For pharmaceutical DC, a healthy dose of automation

By David Maloney

August 8,  2016

Some products require a higher level of distribution prowess than others. Take pharmaceuticals, for example. Total accuracy is crucial; even the slightest mistake—shipping the wrong dosage of a medication to a customer, for instance—could prove life threatening. And because a patient's health may depend on getting the proper medications in a timely manner, quick order fulfillment and delivery are equally critical

With so much at stake, many pharmaceutical wholesalers are turning to automation to assure the accuracy and speed upon which their customers depend. One such company is Toho Holdings Co. Ltd., a leading player in Japan's pharmaceutical industry. In its quest for perfection, Tokyo-based Toho has taken DC automation to a whole new level, building a highly automated facility that features unique combinations of equipment and technology and requires little human involvement.

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