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Olive-Harvey College’s “Living Lab” Gives Students Real World Experience in Distribution Industries

By Jessica Kennedy

June 04,  2015

Ruben Howard says that sometimes, educating students in a classroom isn’t enough.

He says some students need more hands-on teaching methods to learn, alongside a taste of real world experiences.

That’s why Olive-Harvey College joined forces with Wynright Corporation to give students a “living lab” for its logistics and distribution program.

“The goal of the collaboration is to expose students majoring in logistics management to the various conveyors, sortation equipment, warehouse control systems, robotics and the automatic retrieval systems used in the industry,” says Howard, Dean of Transportation, Distribution & Logistics at Olive-Harvey College. “That’s the basic overview. When students are learning theory in class, a lot of them may not be able to get a hands-on component. What does it actually look and feel like?”

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