Direct Fulfillment

With the rapid growth of the internet and e-commerce, distribution direct to consumer has become a major channel for suppliers of everything from books to apparel to appliances. In an industry where competition is stiff and the need for customer satisfaction is paramount, order accuracy, on-time shipments and value-added services can make a big difference in winning customer loyalty.

E-commerce businesses range from small startup online stores to major catalog operations and brick-and-mortar retailers with existing technology — all looking for ways to reduce distribution costs and improve speed and accuracy. Warehouse control software, high-speed sortation systems, conveyors, robotic and non-robotic palletizers and order fulfillment systems are just some of the products that Wynright can offer as part of a full system designed for efficiency.

Recognizing that reducing distribution and handling costs has helped many B2C companies maintain their competitive edge Wynright has been there from the beginning of the direct-to-consumer trend. Through unique solutions and process improvements, Wynright  has the proven expertise to provide the material handling solutions and uniquely designed systems, to keep your customers satisfied — and keep them coming back for more.


Ecom Direct Fulfill