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Prominent Snack Food Manufacturer

A prominent snack food manufacturer

The undisputed chip champ of North America, and major snack food manufacturer, makes some of the best-known and top-selling savory snacks around, as well as a broad range of sweet options.  Wynright has provided solutions over the years, and this time, when the challenge was presented, Wynright stepped up to provide efficiency by design.  

Consistently faced with repetitive, manual tasks in a confined space at their Manufacturing plant in the Midwest, the client sought to enhance productivity, improve safety and throughput by adding automation into the palletizing area.  Wynright showed them how to use automation to transform the palletizing operation into a safe, efficient automated system by adding industrial robots to palletize cases.


The palletizing area was extremely cramped with very low ceiling heights and bordered on one side by the wall of the manufacturing area and on the other by the aisle for the AS/RS crane which represented the bulk of the finished goods storage.  The production lines were stationary and cases of finished goods were conveyed through an opening in the wall into the palletizing area.  There was no space in the production area to handle palletizing, let alone any accumulation or sortation technology.  So, each area of production had to be carefully sized to handle the production volume for that zone, the technology had to fit in the available palletizing space, and it had to have a contingent manual back-up in case the automation system required down time.


Wynright already had a robotic automation solution in place to place stacks of cases in a confined space – inside an over the road trailer.  The same column stacking technology was adapted (software and end of arm tooling) to palletize in the confined palletizing area.  A Motoman six axis industrial robot mounted on a moveable carriage was implemented to build pallets in up to 10 pallet build stalls depending on the zone configuration.  Wynright also developed a custom case stacker to receive cases from production and build them into stacks that the palletizing robot could grip and place into the stall.  Finally, custom designed powered pallet rails and automated pallet building stalls, would release completed pallets safely and effectively to the pick-up locations for the AS/RS crane to deliver to a stretch wrapper and storage.


Today, this client has eighteen (18) Automated Linear Palletizing (ALP) robot cells operating in their various operations.  Palletizing operators now have a better, safer, and more productive work environment.  Using automation, this client has further advanced the productive and technological growth of their already world class manufacturing capabilities.

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