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Prominent Party Goods and Accessories Manufacturer

Prominent Party Goods and Accessories Manufacturer

Client is a prominent designer, manufacturer and distributor of decorated party goods and party accessories. Changing with the times, their retail and wholesale business gradually went online, and in 2010 they found themselves experiencing a significant shift from retail and wholesale fulfillment to direct-to-consumer web fulfillment. With leaps in year-over-year web volume growth and huge shifts in seasonal inventory, our client faced unique material handling and fulfillment challenges at their primary distribution center, turning to Wynright for a combination of technology and design solutions to meet and scale their business needs.


Experiencing a four-fold increase in web volume, a doubling of SKUs, and significant order-mix changes from average to peak seasonal periods, our client faced an enormous challenge. With a large seasonal workforce, our client had to gain control over their training, productivity and accuracy issues, all while keeping picking rates high. Improved systems and solutions required features that were streamlined and easy to incorporate. Quality assurance was essential for every order. Four different order fulfillment processes required separate criteria to determine which order process would be used. And regardless of routing or packaging needs, a single customer commitment had to be maintained: orders placed by 1 p.m. had to be fulfilled the same day.


Armed with complex analytics and a deep understanding of fulfillment processes, Wynright designed and deployed a thorough, multi-phase approach. With single- and multi-line systems, the order types were carefully evaluated and differentiated. Voice and order-type installations were coordinated with the material handling equipment requirements, and associates were trained on this new process in a progressive and staged way. Wynright used both voice-directed and UPC-scanning technologies to streamline the picking process. Full controls from Wynright‘s order management systems provided the needed oversight into the operations.


Realizing a 78% improvement in outbound process productivity, increased order accuracy, improved customer service levels and a shortened training period and employee on-boarding program, our client’s operation came on-stream just in time for their largest U.S. holiday in 2010, and was expanded in 2011 to process increased order voume as the company continued to grow. Today, our client’s distribution center is ready for continued growth and success.


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