Quality and Safety

Quality & Safety


Wynright, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daifuku North America, strives to establish the highest industry standards for quality and customer service. Continuous improvement is an important facet of our company. Continuous improvement meetings are held between our manufacturing facilities and our corporate office. These meetings emphasize teamwork and allow ideas to be leveraged by all participants.


Wynright is dedicated to providing our employees and others with a safe working environment in our plants and offices, as well as on all job sites.  Safety is our most important value, as well as an integral part of quality control and job efficiency.  This year Daifuku North America launched a new campaign, “Safety Matters,” to strive for a zero accident culture by identifying potential hazards, watching out for fellow team members and integrating safety into our daily decisions.
Safety is a driving factor in the development of all of our products.  We conform to OSHA and ASME standards for all of our manufactured products.  Wynright goes to great lengths to incorporate safety precautions within the design and construction of our equipment. Whenever a potential safety problem cannot be eliminated in the design stages of the equipment we are careful to include proper guarding against potential mishaps. Emergency stops, guard rail, netting, chain guards, and warning labels are representative of the types of built-in safety features provided by Wynright.
We are serious about our client’s safety.  Wynright employs a full time dedicated Corporate Safety Director responsible for implementing and coordinating a detailed Safe Plan of Action with our client’s on every project.  Over 80 of our Project Managers, Engineers, and Installers are OSHA Certified.