Warehouse Control Systems

Wynsoft Suite

Wynsoft™ Warehouse Control Solutions

To run your distribution or fulfillment facility at peak efficiency you need the most effective and productive informational tools. Every facet of your operation is a source of valuable information that, if harnessed, can optimize and measure productivity and provide valuable statistical data in real time. Wynrights’ new, modular software suite is designed to provide a seamless interface between the varying pieces of material handling equipment which transport product throughout the distribution center.

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Autoexec Guardian

Guardian® Proactive Site Monitoring

Proactive remote monitoring of warehouse control systems becomes a reality with Wynright’s innovative Guardian®. An integrated part of the Autoexec Suite®, this module works seamlessly with our control systems to enhance the flow of time-sensitive information across your enterprise.

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Web Based Wh Intel

Web-Based Warehouse Intelligence

Wynright’s full-featured web-based HMI empowers your people with access to critical data. With the proper security credentials and web service, your team has on-the-go access to key reports, alerts and statistics from anywhere in the world.

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Panel Fab

Panel Fabrication

As a turnkey provider of conveyor and sortation systems, Wynright fabricates all panels in-house. A proud member of Rockwell Automation’s Machine Builder program, we design, manufacture and provide custom panels, using state-of-the-art components, and back it all by our in-house panel testing services. Our offerings range from small push button enclosures to large motor control panels.

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