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April 3,  2017 at 10:30am - 11:15am

Seminar: "The Convergence of Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) and Automation"

Theater E - Seminar #103
Presented by Wynright's Randy Marble - VP of Software Strategy

What You Will Learn

We will start off defining the concept of WES and how companies use a combination of many systems to solve their traditional and Omni-Channel distribution requirements. The discussion will move forward to describe the link between WES and modern technologies and components such as Robotics, Simulation and Emulation, SCADA, and Predictive Analytics. The focus will be on the importance of developing an overall strategy to leverage WES and solve supply chain opportunities with solutions providing the greatest ROI and highest efficiencies possible.


April 4,  2017 at 10:30am - 11:15am

Seminar: "Extend the Life of Your Aging Material Handling Assets"

Theater E - Seminar #103
Presented by Wynright's John Leonard - Director, Client Asset Modernization & John Dillon - Senior VP Client Care

What You Will Learn

Much of the equipment installed in warehouses and distribution centers through the 1900s and 2000s is beginning to show its age and approach End-of-Life (EOL) or End-of-Service (EOS). In many warehouses, downtime is increasing. Spare parts may be getting harder to find. Ambient noise levels are rising. As such conditions increase, failure is inevitable, but cost pressure drive warehouse managers to try to squeeze maximum performance from existing assets. This strategy may deliver short term cost savings, but increases risk to sustainable success. However, implementing a rational, engineering-based modernization approach can maximize savings and reduce risks in the near, medium and long term.